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Advice - Not Happy with Physical Item

Hi A_B,

I bought a handmade keyring from an Etsy seller internationally. When it arrived, the workmanship was a bit shoddy - the cutting round the (meant to be jagged edges) of the pieces seemed to extend into the piece itself, which I felt might make the item a bit weak on those areas. However, I didn't mention anything to the seller and the reviews of the item were positive.

The keyring was two parts, and I gave one half to my partner as a gift. However, the other day they showed me that their half had broken along one of the areas I thought might have a weakness due to the cutting. I contacted the seller about this and I felt their reply was quite rude - saying they don't offer refunds or replacements, that they can "of course, can be broken with lots of wear and tear. They're not indestructible, and I definitely don't claim them to be." I'm a bit annoyed by this as I certainly don't expect them to be indestructible, but not to break after only a few months of regular use!

They have suggested that the resin on the keyring is heatable and I can try fixing the keyring in the oven, but I'm just a bit annoyed they're essentially brushing the durability issue under the rug, so to speak. Any thoughts? Is this expected wear and tear on an item?
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