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Beware: Kipper

WHO: FA username "Kipper"


WHAT: One traditional badge. Sized 'small', price $30.

WHEN: Paid on 31 Oct 2013, agreed to be completed by and delivered at MFF 2013.


I contacted Kipper to get a badge done as a surprise for a friend of mine on 31 October 2013, for the friend to be able to wear with his new suit at MFF:

Kipper gave the price, offered to deliver at the con, and I gave the description/references (hidden, as the badge is hopefully still going to be a surprise):

So, I PayPal'd him the price the same day:

At MFF, I went to pick it up and found that he wasn't at his Dealers' Den table at the con, so I messaged him via FA note to try to meet up and get the art at the con:

He didn't offer that, but he offered to ship it to my home address, which I agreed to:

After a month without having received it, I messaged him again to inquire and he told me he'd send it out:

A month later I still had not received the badge, and once again messaged him to inquire:

It has been over two weeks since this last note, with FA indicating the note was read, and without a response. His offer to mail the badge on 26 November implied to me that it was already completed, and so I'm not sure why simply dropping it in the mailbox would've been a problem.

UPDATE 07 March: The badge was received, so everything's good now. I consider everything resolved. It's still a surprise gift so I won't post the image, but it arrived fairly quickly after the post. Thanks a bunch!
Tags: artist-kipper_snax/kipper, resolved

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