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Trying to find Bromigo

Hello, I am going to post here, in an attempt to get ahold of an artist. and get some help of what I should do at this point. I am looking for Bromigo.. I last heard from this artist on the 7th.. I won an auction item, on Furbuy, on the 5th and also commissioned them to make matching paws, and a docked tail. I sent them $200. And I told them I would have the final payment by the 20th, but could possibly have it to them sooner. They agreed. I last heard from them on the 7th I asked if the paws, and tail could be done sooner then the 20th. They said they would do their best, but not sure. That was sent from their iphone it says. And since then I have not heard anything from the artist. I want to send the final payment, but also get everything shipped out this since today is the date we discussed.. Anyone know of any other way I can get ahold of this artist. I tried their FA, and Deviant Art, and personal email. She seems very nice, but I am worried not having any communication for 2 weeks now. I don't want to be pushy, but i don't want to wait a month for winning an auction item and to get paws, and a docked tail. Am I being to pushy, or should i worry, with no communication for this long?
thank you. Again the artist was very nice. But I have not gotten any responses from the artist for 2 weeks now... and I do not want to send more money when I have not heard anything back from them.
Shakarri ^.^
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