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Beware on Flarveon

Posting a beware on Flarveon/Poppy Pandacoon/Ash Akita regarding a fursuit trade that we agreed on on Facebook.

Around a year ago, he posted an ad for his Akemi shadowsani partial, at the time I had an ill fitting fullsuit that needed a little work. It didn't fit me anyways so I offered the suit + $200 to match what he wanted to sell the partial, which he was selling for around $700. The fullsuit was only worth $500 because it would need repairs, like the zipper and ears were falling apart slightly and the spots were glued on. He accepted my offer.


That week or so, I sent off my fullsuit. He received it. However, to this day I've gotten nothing back, the partial or my full suit. Which I can't get back anyways because from what people told me he sold it. I tried posting to his wall and messaging him privately but that has gone ignored. I haven't sent the $200, but with having my fullsuit sold without the trade being completed I'm hesitant to do so.


He also claims that he doesn't have money to send my suit, however looking back I am having a hard time believing this as he recently bought a new fursuit head. When I asked when my partial was to be sent, he would tell me "the next paycheck" time and time again, until suddenly each message and wall post mentioning the suit would be ignored.

Because of he used to be one of my closest friends I am deeply hurt and feel betrayed by this. Especially with selling the suit I gave him without the trade being completed. The fact that there is nothing I can do about it but post here upsets me greatly, but there's nothing I can do but post here as a beware to others who decide to do business with him. After having to go through this, I know I won't be doing it again.

EDIT: a friend of mine linked me to the furbuy page
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