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Advice on a raffle prize?

So three years ago, I was very new to FA, and entered a christmas raffle held my a new friend I'd made.

I ended up winning a single character image from an artist I was quite fond of, with a start date of May. I'm a very patient person, and it gave me time to actually procure a reference for my fursona, so no complaints on my end. When the month came, I sent off refs and a description of what I would like for the image.

And that was it

It's been three years since winning the raffle, and so far, I believe only one other person has actually gotten their prize from this artist (there were 5 of us total). Yet the artist is still taking on, and completing, large amounts of commissions/doing her own personal artwork

I've sent her a note er two in the past, if my memory serves, but I do not believe that I ever got a response.

I'm thinking about chalking this up to a loss, but this same artist has been posted to this community for not delivering for large amounts of time in the past.

I mean, the image was free to me, so I'm not loosing anything in the long run, but am still kind of unsure how to go about this. Should I push it and try to get my prize after this long, or just give up?

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