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Tricky Advice -- paying an artist for work you didn't ask for?

This is a tricky situation I need some opinions on. Please note ahead of time, I'm NOT trying to get out of paying an artist! I just want some opinions on where you draw the line.

I commissioned an artist for a portrait. I specified that I wanted the focus to be on the face, because I wanted a visual representation of the character's face. Mentioned the armor designs of what he should be wearing because I wanted some of it to be shown, so I was hoping to get a bust portrait.

I got sent very small (about 150-200 px wide) sketches of three different thigh-up clothing designs, basically on a blank mannequin face/pose. I asked the artist if the images were scaled down, because I needed the focus to be on the face. He responded that "this size is good enough," and that the images were not scaled down.

He's been REALLY difficult to work with (communication delays, ignoring questions, etc), and looking at his gallery, he's more of a concept artist than a portrait artist anyway, so I'm thinking of cancelling.

Question comes in, at what point do you say "the art you gave me is not what I asked for, so why should I pay you?"

Please remember I am NOT trying to get out of paying, and I have every intention of giving him something for his time! I'm just curious about where the line is drawn. If you request X and get Y, why do you pay them for work you didn't ask for? To me it's the same as asking for a drawing of a dog and getting a cat. I was specific about wanting a face portrait, but he gave me sketchy clothing design mockups that I didn't want, and have no use for. :|
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