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Nice doesn't always cut it...

WHO: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kxxs/
Also known as http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sonna
And  http://www.furaffinity.net/user/doodle-adopts

WHERE: Furaffinity.

WHAT: Art I commisioned of a adopt I bought from her.

WHEN: Sept 22 till now.

PROOF: Proof is below.

On september 22 she had posted her first glow bunny adopt here. (Glow bunny is nsfw )
http://www.furaffinity.net/full/11661276/ ( Screen caped in case deleted ) for 10 dollars and if you paid more you could get a ref and a chibi.
As you can see in the comments below I commented asking if I could go ahead and pay 10 and then pay 15 for the chibi and ref once I got the paycheck and she agreed noting me the details.

She sent me a note with her details and asking me if I had any details I wanted for the ref ( Blocked out paypal in case she doesn't want it public ) and I replied giving ref details and replied that I was sending the money now.

I was having an issue with my paypal so I asked if she could hold him for a minute while I got it resolved, offering to trade a character as a "holder fee" until I could get it fixed and she had replied telling me not to worry about giving her a character and said she would hold him for me.


I had thanked her for holding him for me and I was still working on the issue and she had replied basically saying it was no trouble at all.

I had replied again saying I had sent the money and she has replied saying "Awesome" and I then asked her for the image without the "Adopt me" "watermark" on it and she replied with the image.

On september 23 I noted her to see how much it would cost be to get a reference and a two character image instead of a reference and a chibi.

On september 24
She had replied it was 20$ if It was the adopt plus one of the other glow adopts she was selling or 25 with this "special" bunny adopt she was auctioning.
I had replied saying I was wondering if she could draw the adopt with my friends fursona ( A bunny ) and also giving her more details for the ref sheet.

The 25th she replied saying that she was tired when she read the note and meant it would be 5 dollars added to the cost of the chibi for a two char adult pic with the character I adopted and said she would add the details to the ref.
I replied asking her "So twenty instead of 15 for a ref and an adult pic?" to make sure I had understood what she said and also added another detail for the ref.

September 26th She replied saying yes and was asking me about the detail on the ref. I replied explaining the edit and apologized for being so confusing.
and she once again confirmed all the info. I replied yes and she replied awesome sauce.

September 27th I noted her telling her I had the money to send but I needed her paypal again, I also noted her the details for the adult picture.

September 28th She noted me back saying that she could do the image and the ref and sent me her paypal. I replied saying I sent it and she replied thank you.

She posted the adopts refsheet October the 5th as seen here. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11760834/ (NSFW )
I uploaded it and didn't comment on it because I had something to do.

October 10th I comment on the refsheet since she has not uploaded the adult picture and she was uploading ych's and self art telling her I loved the ref but asking when the adult pic would be done she replied saying "I've just organised my to do list so hopefully all going well I will get it done soon ^^ " ( Screencapped incase submission is deleted )

December 5th I hadn't heard from her in a while so I thought I would message her and see how things where going, I noted her asking how the commision was going and it was read but ignored.

Jan 30th I thought she might have been a lost cause until I saw her uploading more bunny adopt ref sheets and thought I would message her
I messaged her in a less silly sweet tone and took on a more serious one. I reminded her of what I commisioned/ bought from her and asked her what was going on.
She had replied saying she was sorry and that she thought she had uploaded it and that she would correct it asap and sorry for making me wait so long. Because she seemed to be sorry I took on a more kind hearted tone and told her it was okay and that I was worried I was being ignored.

Jan 31 I asked her the next morning if she had uploaded it she had replied saying she couldn't find the file and was still searching for it so I gave her a few days.

Feb 8 (Today ) I have sent her a serious note saying "You still haven't posted the picture I commisioned, If you can't give me the art I would like a refund. I've been waiting months for this commision."

She has always been nice the whole entire time and I really hate posting this but I get tired of niceness when there is nothing to show for it....
I want a full refund for the art I didn't recieve because I honestly don't care about the art anymore...

Edit: On the 9th She had replied to my note saying "Sorry hun I have it done but I won't bother you with a sob story so I will find out how much the extra for the adult image was and refund you when I get to my computer, so sorry for my bad business" BUT I still haven't recieved a note or the art from her. So this isn't resolved yet.

Edit: March 17th she had finished the image even after I requested a refund.

Edit: On June 15 she noted me finding this AB and wanting me to mark this as resolved, I told her she never sent the money and she replied with "I worked hard on this so I'll only give you 5" I told her to keep it and she brough Kayla_na into this. She settled this and got the artist to finally send the requested refund for the adult piece in full.

Edit: June 19th she sold the artwork as a ych. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13751657/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13743777/ ( Screenshotted in case removed )
Even though this is resolved I wouldn't recomend commissioning her for her horrible buiness practices. Commission at your own risk.

Editted for added info.
Tags: artist-kxxs/sonna/doodle-adopts, resolved
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