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Beware: Sheepieh

WHO: Artist, Sheepieh (DA and Tumblr)


WHAT: Digital art, 7$ chibi deal.

WHEN: Ordered May 23rd, 2013, followed up June 20th after no contact, final follow up/request for refund August 17th after no contact (both times she had managed to take/complete several other commissions)

PROOF: <-journal location

EXPLAIN: It's fairly simple/laid out in the screenshots; however, I ordered/paid for the commission, then proceeded to wait a month before contacting her (her step father had passed, so I assumed that had affected it, she was taking other new commissions through that time though). She mentioned she would work on my commission in her stream after she finished another one. I sat in on several streams after that, but she kept taking new commissions and finishing them. I eventually gave up and forgot/ignored it until August, when I finally decided to contact her for a refund. She was very kind about it, but again, never followed through.
I believe this is a one-time offense, but it's extremely frustrating - especially considering I've had to follow up with her three times and have just been met with excuses.
Tags: artist-sheepieh, beware, resolved
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