Sarahcat (laughsatthunder) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice needed: Deadlines being "missed"?

I'm in such a rut and really worried.

I spent $150 on a taxidermy commission. The artist isn't brand new and has taken on commissions in the past. I asked that it would be done in time for March back in January and it's nearly the end of February and I have yet to see any work done. I haven't asked for WIPs, but they have only uploaded new things that they're trying to sell.

Every time I ask for progress, however, there's always an excuse: The snowstorm (which is understandable, I was effected as well), a needle breaking, and worst of all, not wanting to start work on the commission until they get their own personal materials in the mail to work on their own separate piece.

I'm so confused. They're trying to guilt trip me into waiting for them to finish their personal piece before starting on mine.

What can I do at this point?
Tags: advice for commissioners

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