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Artist Beware - Rex Husky/Rex Puppeh

WHO: Rex Husky/Rex Puppeh


WHAT: Full Fursuit

WHEN: $1700 total price agreed to on Nov 19, 2012, final payment sent Dec 28, 2012, refund agreed upon on Sep 20, 2013

PROOF: (These are emails I saved to my Hard drive as txt files in order to view them later, newest email on top)

3: (NSFW) (NSFW)


In Nov 2012 I asked for a full suit commission. Final details and payment were agreed upon shortly after. I requested it to be done before Feb 2013 which they agreed to. I sent the non-refundable deposit on Nov 23. After the deposit I sent three more payments and paid it in full.

On Jan 27 I asked for an update and on Jan 29 they responded that they have one suit to finish before mine.

On Feb 10, I asked for another update and on Feb 14 they responded that I should have it soon, there's still one suit before mine.

I wait until Mar 12 before asking for another update, on Mar 13 they told me they were out of town alot with family stuff and that it will be done very soon.

On Apr 2, they send me an email stating that they are having trouble with another client and have had alot of personal problems the past few months which decreased their productivity.

On May 9 I asked for another update and they don't respond until May 16 which they said "Expect it soon"

On May 31, I asked for a time frame to expect it by. On Jun 2, they said it shouldn't be more than a month.

On July 12, getting a bit upset and wanting all this to end I ask for a $1105 refund ($1700-$595(deposit)). on that same day they responded that he has been sending me emails (which I didn't get, not even in my spam folder) and the suit is being made already. I responded still asking for a refund.

Over the next week I was sending an email everyday letting him know I hadn't received a response yet just to give him a little note that if he was trying to send me emails that I wasn't receiving them.

on July 21 they send me an email saying they've been trying to email me, which I respond by saying "What have you been trying to tell me?" since they only sent that one statement. On that same day they said they "got plenty of work done" and they are "a bit apprehensive on scraping it all". I responded saying that I prefer the refund. After this exchange I start sending him emails from my alternate email account to try and eliminate Yahoo as being the culprit of not receiving emails.

A few more email exchanges later and he says that it is only a few hours from being finished (Email received on Aug 2). Since it was so close I decided to give it another chance and agree to take the suit instead of the refund. At this time it is already 6 months late.

On Aug 5, I asked when it will be shipped out. They respond on Aug 6 saying "The power has been out for 5 days and they'll get it out as soon as the power comes back on and the last bit of work is done on it".

On Aug 20, I asked if they shipped it out yet. The next day they respond saying they've been in Baltimore alot and they'll have it out soon.

Over the next few weeks I sent emails asking if they shipped it out yet. Finally on Sep 20, they respond, saying "I have had no time to work on anything and I have a hard time telling customers", they also state that they will start sending me money for a refund if I want. That same day I asked for a refund again.

I have not heard back from them since, no money, no emails, nothing at all.

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