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Beware: Electrocat ~resolved~


WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: A 30$ Painted Badge which includes art, print, and laminate (minibadge and regular size with the clips needed)

FINAL UPDATE: EC has done the work and has also included extra items to compensate for the time waited

Journal with details:

WHEN: The payment of the piece was done in May of 2013

Attempt to contact began in January 2014


The agreement was done through an order form using a google program and then contact continued through emails. I have since lost the emails of EC speaking to me but I do have an email proving I sent her my address at the time of the transaction.

Here is the paypal receipt for the piece as well.

Notes - (Left unread)

Email - (no reply)

Comment on journal -

Shout -

(Dates on caps are sooner then my post date in the event that they had been deleted, they have not)

EXPLAIN: Beginning in May of last year EC posted a journal saying she was selling painted badges as an iron artist for $30 plus print. Interested I got in contact with her and agreed to the print amount which I then paid her for. The Journal specified that it would be started within a week of purchase. On my part I fell out of FA contact for a large amount of time because of life, etc. When I finally came back I remembered the piece that I had ordered from EC. I went and checked my messages, EC's pages, any where I could to see if she had done the work yet. The work was not done and she had a mark next to the painted badges on her page saying they were on hold. Once the on hold tag had been removed I waited a few more weeks before looking to get into contact with her. I needed to let her know of the change of address that had happened very recently. With the note unanswered I emailed her looking to let her know of my change of address and my need to have some questions answered about the commission. The third note I sent her was much like the email; change of address, questions, and letting her know it was my third attempt at contact. When she didn't answer those I ventured to post a comment on the journal I originally ordered the piece from and waited til she was active again on FA. She streamed the next day and my comment went unanswered thus I left a shout on her page. The shout has been there while she has been active and it has gone unanswered as well.

UPDATE: EC posted a journal 2/11/14 saying anyone that she owes work to will me messaged within the week or if no contact is made the commissioner is to contact her. I'll update again when I hear from her in the next few weeks.

UPDATE 2: Well it is now 2/25/14 since EC posted the journal and I heard no word from her and the note I sent her has been completely ignored and left unread on FA. I'm getting desperate, I have no way of contacting the artist and because of the length of time it took to try and fix this I'm in no way able to get my $30 back. I will just have to right this one off as a loss, if I hear anything else I'll let everyone here know.

UPDATE 3 (Final Update Until Resolution) - (2/27/14) After contacting EC's mate in a final ditch attempt of getting a hold of her I was finally graced with a note. There was a conversation between the two of us with the final note from her carrying a slightly more aggressive tone then necessary but it comes down to the wait now as I am interested in the work and not the money as I am trying to help not hinder. I just wish she would prioritize her back log more then one attempt a week within which I still believe newer commissions from the backlog are being worked on over the older commissions.
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