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Getting in touch with Whippit

Once again I'm having problems contacting WhippitLuv... I sent here the payment for the tail and the fur in trade for a pair of matching hand paws and ears quite awhile ago, she recived them on : April 7-9th or somewhere in that area (the 9th is when she e-mailed me stating she got it)... contact was going okay (if a bit slow) but I tried e-mailing her again to check on my items yesterday (it's been forever, it shouldn't take THIS long to finish/mail something like this) And suddenly her e-mail address is no longer valid... ='/ I'm starting to worry that I've been ripped off... I mean honestly, I won the auction about feb 26th... don't you think I've waited enough??

Does anyone know of an alternative way to contact her... I just want my stuff! T_T

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