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WHO: Fancy-Fancy


WHAT: Two Milkcrown commissions Fancy and I had agreed to share.

WHEN: Beginning in June of 2013 to Present

PROOF: Screenshots of notes. I also have Skype logs and Paypal info, but this should be sufficiently damning.
Fancy notes me about the price of the two commissions we were to split.
Fancy tells me what his paypal is so that I can send him the money- 85$.
I ask him if he's received my money.
Fancy tells me that he has received my money.
Fancy confirms that he's sent the money to Milkcrown.
Fancy shows me the sketch that he received from Milkcrown for approval.

At this point, several months go by. Every time I ask Fancy about the status of the commissions, he dodges my questions. Eventually, I begin to suspect he's stolen my money, and I ask send a few notes to Milkcrown to gather evidence.
This is pretty damning evidence.
Milkcrown explains that Fancy specifically requested the pictures NOT be posted.

EXPLAIN: Click below for my side of the story.

I'll do my best to keep this brief.

Fancy-Fancy and I began communicating early in June 2013. We hit it off big time, and began to flirt. I'll give him this: he's very charming. I was infatuated with him. So much so that when he offered to split two Milkcrown commissions with me for half the cost (85$ total for me), I agreed. He said that he had already paid Milkcrown, so all I had to do was pay him the difference. It took a week or so to iron out the details of what we wanted, and then I sent him my money. A while later, I received the sketch, as normal. Everything looked fine.

But then weeks went by, which turned into months. I noticed several times that MilkCrown was selling more commissions, though mine had not been finished. Fancy-Fancy was no longer in any of Milkcrown's commission-status lists. Suspecting that something had happened, I asked Fancy about it. But he dodged my question. I asked him again and again over the next couple of months, but always he dodged the questions. Finally, I asked him bluntly if he'd stolen my money. At that point, he blocked me, deleted my comments, and deleted my shouts.

I sent notes to Milkcrown to try to figure out what had happened. Milkcrown tells me that Fancy received the commissions that he had paid for and that he had specifically requested those commissions not be posted or shared.

UPDATE: I've been in contact with Milkcrown since I wrote this journal. He has shared with me the pictures that Fancy got. I'll include them below- they are Not Safe for Work.

As you can see, though I paid for half of each of these, neither contains my characters.
UPDATE2: I have been approached by someone else who claims they were given the same deal as me and also paid Fancy money, which means these commissions may be 100% stolen, not 50%. I'll have screencaps as soon as they're available to me.

Recently, I've discovered that I may not the only one he's done this to. I've found no less than 8 different people (and probably more) that have had issues with Fancy-Fancy in the past, and at least 1 other who had been offered the same split-a-milkcrown-commission deal, but didn't take it.

Fancy-Fancy is a thief. The screencaps above prove it, and others should know.

UPDATE: Click below to see my confrontation with Fancy, on 2/13/14

Fancy-Fancy has finally gotten back in contact with me.

After our conversation, he unblocked my Furaffinity in order to send me this.
I replied, and promptly blocked him. I hope that we'll see him here on A.B. soon.

Clearly, Fancy-Fancy is not interested in resolution. I absolutely believe he will continue to scam whoever he can get away with stealing from. Be extremely cautious with this individual.

Thank you, everyone who helped me with my awareness campaign on Furaffinity. My strategy consisted of journals promoting awareness of Best Practices in commissioning with links to this Artist's Beware article as an example. Unfortunately, but understandably, some readers became upset and felt very passionately about this issue and confronted the Fancy directly. This was against FA ToS and CoC, and I have never condoned it. But I understand it.
Fancy-Fancy has returned the 85$ to me through paypal today, 2/14/14. This particular issue is resolved, but I would absolutely encourage anyone else who has been affected by this person to step forward, screen cap their own evidence, create their own articles, and continue to Beware.

[I will post screen caps here of proof of repayment and Fancy's final words on the subject as soon as I can]
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