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Artist Beware - Shiuk [RESOLVED]

UPDATE: Shiuk has now refunded me the full amount that I originally paid and as far as I'm concerned, this matter has now been resolved.


WHO: Shiuk, ShiukSalamander


WHAT: Full colour digital commission for $100 (USD)

WHEN: February 19th 2012

Payment -

The following screenshots support my comments in the section below.
Response 1 -
Response 2 -
Response 3 -
Response 4 -
Response 5 -
Response 6 -
Response 7 -

EXPLAIN: Saw that the artist was open for commissions after sent an email enquiring about the possibility of getting in the queue. After a prompt reply and a few very quick replies, I sent the money and waited to hear back from him. Time came and went and a few follow up emails were sent that went unanswered. During this time I could see that the artist was uploading other completed commissions.

Around July I sent a note on FA and initially enquired about the possibility of a refund or for some form of update on my work and this went unanswered.

In December, I posted a shout on the artists wall enquiring about the length of time I had been waiting and the poor communication I was getting and this prompted a message from the artists and after sending him my PayPal address he said the art would be done in about 2 weeks (Response1). This time came and went with nothing more from the artist.

Around April/May time I sent yet another message following up on this and was again told that he had been busy with staffing a convention and that he should have the artwork delivered to me sometime in May (Response2). At this point I said I had sadly lost interest in the commission and was requesting a refund, he said he would transfer the money soon (Response3). This was before yet another period of communication silence.

In July I sent another enquiry and got a short response saying he was working on it, no eta, no explanation why it was taking so long (Response4).

In September I sent a note saying that I would be filling a report on here as it was getting a bit silly and he sent a response saying the payment should be made by the end of the day (Response5), true to form, nothing came of it and when I followed up on it he said some payments he had been expecting had not come through and he would keep me posted (Response6). During this time, the artists was continuing to advertise himself as open for commissions and was still uploading artwork. He also said he could get the artwork done in a few days, but at this point any and all interest I had in the piece originally had evaporated.

In October yet ANOTHER follow up was posted and he said he should be able to send the payment when he finished the next 3 drawings (roughly a week) and wouldn't you know it, nothing came through and that was the last response I got from him (Response7).

I have since sent 2 more notes that have both gone unopened and unresponded to and it is now at the point where this past funny and getting rather insulting.

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