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Beware: Iko, Sierra Tudor (Fursuits)

Update 03/02/14: Note received apologizing for delays and excuses,  however says there is no timescale on when any payment will be received. No further info given.

WHO: Iko, Sierra Tudor, Kay the Dragon, Pathetic Dragon Studios

WHERE: http://furaffinity.net/user/Iko

WHAT: A Nightfury Fursuit for $850 on 2010/04/29, refund agreed 2013/06/24.

WHEN: $410 Downpayment on 2010/05/05, $86 materials on 2010/12/12.

EXPLAIN: In 2010 Iko posted an auction on Furbuy for a Nightfury fursuit, and though she did not have many recent good examples of her work, she was really excited to be spending more time and working on Fursuits, and the concept art posted of what she intended to make was looking really nice.

After the project didn't get far for 3 years and Iko withdrew, offering only a half refund, I posted an AB here which explains everything leading up to that

Since the AB and the community comments, Iko did agree to refund everything in full that was paid so far with shipping, at $645, rather than the half which caused the AB to be posted.

It's been 4 months since I have received the last refund part, and just over a month since Iko has contacted me.

Timeline of issues:

2013/06/11: $64.50 refund received, but was discovered this was only going to be half in total.

2013/06/18: AB was posted. (Approved in 5 days)

2013/06/24: Iko responds in public agreeing to a full refund.
-- Iko sends a note agreeing to refund $100 per week until complete

-- $100 refund received in Paypal. (screenshot of all refunds so far)

2013/07/09: Two weeks pass without contact, I ask how the refund is getting on. Iko responds she was at AC and had to put money in the bank. Says it will take 3-4 days for money to reach paypal.

2013/07/23: Another two weeks pass without contact, I ask again. Iko mentions she has not been able to make it to the bank, but says the past two weeks refund will be sent to me.

2013/08/8: Another two weeks pass without contact. I was getting less patient, as this same thing happened for 3 years with our suit. Iko responds to a shout I left on her page. Promises $300 will reach me soon, mentions dentist visit needed.

2013/08/22: More weeks pass, I try an email. I leave a shout and Iko asks me to resend the email.

2013/08/25: Iko apoligises profusely about all the delays. Mentions money needs to go elsewhere. Asks for more time.

2013/09/01: No contact, I send an email.

2013/09/17: No contact, I email again. I mention it's been 3 months since the last refund.

2013/09/21: Iko responds that a payment will be with me soon.

2013/09/22: $100 refund received to paypal.

2013/10/21: A month passes since last contact. Email sent.

2013/10/28: Iko responds promising a payment within the week.

2013/11/04: Nothing received, I email and ask what's up.

2013/11/11: Iko responds and apoligises she doesn't have anything for me yet. Admits she keeps putting the payment off.

2013/12/07: No contact for close to a month, I leave a shout and Iko responds saying she mixed up some payments and asks me to check much she has sent me so far. Apoligises and mentions she is putting money into savings.

It's a week shy of two months since she last contacted me, and I'm a little tired of having to go through the same process that unfolded with our suit.

I felt guilty about posting the first AB, as the only thing that tipped me over was the refusal to offer a full refund at first, and felt that I was quite patient for the first three years of our suit project.

Though that being said, I'm actually a little angry now Iko hasn't improved much communication wise and still never keeps you up to date, nothing moves unless you keep prodding for updates, as evidenced by the timeline in this and the previous AB. It gets a little tiring after 5-6 notes or emails just to get the next part of a refund. I had hoped the refund would be sorted quickly and would have settled this, but communication is extremely poor and has not improved. What commissioners expect: Give a date a refund or work will be done, and stick with it. If you can't, agree another date and stick with it.
Tags: artist-iko/pathetic dragon/kay, beware, fursuit, resolved

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