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Advice Needed

First time posting here, if I do anything wrong please let me know.

I was approached on DA by someone who said this;

"I'm part of a fan community for the Justifiers-adventure game/RPG and we are trying to bring out a free .pdf bimonthly to keep the game and the world alive. In one of the next issues we are planning a Lion-Beta (beta for "beta humanoid" so basically an anthro) and we didn't get a picture for it yet. So we are searching for someone to provide one for us.
Could we maybe use your picture for this?
Of course a name you choose would appear in the about and with the picture. If you like we could also recommend you to players searching for someone to draw their character.
If you like you can see what we are doing - and did so far - on (the site is not yet as we'd like it to have but you can see previous issues in the download section and peek into the forum - although we are a german community so without knowing the language it will probably not be of much use ...)

Thanks and best regards"

Now the thing is, that particular image is commissioned piece, I do have in my TOS that I still own the rights to said image, but selling it to this person to use on their site still feels wrong-is that legally okay? Should I try and get them to order a similar piece from me instead? Do I let them use the picture they're requesting-but for free?
And regardless, what are the "rules" and limitations on situations such as this?

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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