vindictiivespet (vindictiivespet) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist beware-xoxopumpkin / crimson.horror / aquascene

WHO: Xoxopumpkin

New account;

WHAT: Digital Prepose piece.
Finished piece;

WHEN: She was messaged on Jan 22nd when the traced art was originally found. Since then she has disabled/activiated her page numerous times, while she deletes the work.

PROOF: Less than a month later it was found out that she traced multiple pieces (most have been deleted from her page now) -OVerlay of her sketch on top of the original art she traced. -original artist of the piece that was traced. -when I noted her about it, she denied the accusation even though proof was shown. Before I even noted her back, she had deleted all traced art, and disabled her profile. -Disabled page.

EXPLAIN: Basically, she was found out to be tracing and selling the traced art. The prepose I bought was one of the many pieces traced. I am currently in a fight with paypal trying to win a dispute about it.
I am not sure how this will be placed (if at all) but I think its wrong of her, and that other commissioners have a right to know what she is doing.
Tags: artist-xoxopumpkin/crimson.horror/oogie., beware
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