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Beware: Fursuit Scammer

WHO: / hamsiklez / akikemono

The person has no fursuit galleries to speak of and refused to link to any. The only link I have is his tumblr from which the client inquired about a commission from. Upon further research of his real name from his email address, we found these other places.

Hello, I go by Sheppymomma/Katmomma/MommasHaus. I want to make the community aware that this person is using a photo of my fursuit items and claiming them as his own work to try and scam someone into commissioning them. Fortunately, the client that contacted me recognized my work and was thoughtful enough to contact me before they gave this person money.

I was contacted tonight, 1/22/14 around 10:30pm EST

I received an anonymous ask on my tumblr from a client who had been out looking for someone to commission a fursuit from. They were offered 200 for a realistic head and was told by the person that they'd done both heads with the exception of the eyes on the toony head.
The client then forwarded me the email this person had sent to her.

Both of the heads sent in the email are my German shepherd heads. The photo file in the email was taken from my furaffinity. (image in email: must be logged in to see)
Images of both heads if not logged in:

The proof explains. But please, fursuit makers, it might be a really good idea to always have your website name or a watermark on your photos when showcasing your work. Sometimes cropping can get around this but it's worth a try. Thanks for taking a look. I hope this guy does not continue to do this to others.
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