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Commissioner: Feztiz

WHO: Feztiz

WHERE: Furaffinity
Known on Skype as xXFeztizXx

WHAT: The commissioner wanted a character designed for her. I showed her the finished product (after she promised to pay me at a lower price quote [originally 16$ but dropped to 10$ because I felt generous]) she then tried to offer an art trade as payment instead when I needed the money. She still has not paid and will not answer any of my messages.

WHEN: Commissioner began discussing commission with me on December 17th 2013.
Commission was finished and sent to commissioner on December 20th 2013 which is also when she stopped contact.
Message was sent by me to her on December 23 2013 with no reply back.
Last attempt at contact by me to her was sent on January 12th 2014 with no reply back.
I know for sure she has read my messages and has been active on Furaffinity.

Details of what she wanted to have done
With no specification of the other breed in the hybrid, I went with Sphynx/Siamese
She instead wanted a Sphynx/Lemur
so I scrapped what I had done and drew what she wanted
She promises she will pay and asks to see progress on Skype

I finished the art the same day and sent it over on Skype
Disappointed with the finished product, instead of taking my offer that I could make some changes, says she could draw it herself
tries to offer me art instead of the previously agreed 10$

First attempt to contact her again after that day (no reply)

Second attempt to contact her again (no reply)

The commission she received from me (that I finally uploaded to FA)

EXPLAIN: The commissioner refused to let me make free changes to the finished product. She also refused to pay me, trying to offer art as payment went we initially agreed I would be paid with money. I know it's only 10$ but it's 10$ I could have used for food. She dropped contact with me the same day I showed her the finished product and will not reply to my messages even though I know she has read them and continues to ignore me.

EDIT: Woops forgot to post proof of messages being read but not responded to.
Proof my FA message was read but not responded to.
Also while taking screenshots of the Skype convos, I accidentally sent her a message that was meant for someone else (she was online at the time) and she ignored it.
Proof she has not responded to my Skype messages.
Tags: beware, comm-xxfeztizxx
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