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Trouble With a Customer

It's been a month or so since this event took place, but considering I was steamed up enough about it to completely remake my TOS, I would say I still need some advice with how to handle it.

I do adult commission work over on FurAffinity, and I am usually witness to repeat customers. One particular customer, who enjoys adult art of copyright characters, has really gotten on my nerves. They had me do a full digital commission while in stream, and did not mention in his description that the character was a copyright character (his links also weren't all working, so if he supplied a reference that was recognizable to me as a copyrighted character, I probably would have said something.) I didn't actually find out until AFTER I had done the work and posted it, and that sort of annoyed me. This is a minor problem that I simply shrugged it out on, but he got worse soon after.

Upon completion of a VERY adult artwork of a copyrighted character, I sent him the finished work, as well as a smaller resolution work for him to post to his account with linkage back to me. Because I wasn't comfortable with posting the image, I asked him nicely to post the smaller resolution work only, and to keep the large image for his own personal archives. He proceeded to throw what I can only compare to an adult temper tantrum, going so far as to say that I was "neutering" the work and that I was being unfair. He very much wanted to post the larger image, and insisted that other artists he had commissioned had let him post the large image. I told him that because I wasn't comfortable with the material in the commission (I had already gently told him before that copyright characters beyond Pokemon/Digimon/generic weren't my thing and there was a strong possibility that I would not be posting them to my gallery) and because it was my work, I requested that a smaller size be posted so that I wouldn't be seeing a big version of art that I wasn't comfortable being linked to me all over the internet (previous commissions I had done to him had ended up on "adult toon" sites in a matter of days.) He hasn't so much as talked to me since (we used to chat casually on Skype) and has not been a repeat customer.

I got so steamed about being treated in such a way after delivering a decent piece to him that I entirely rewrote my TOS to include a segment about dictating the size of art posted to galleries other than my own when I wasn't comfortable posting them myself. Looking back I am still upset about the situation, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Was my action correct? Should I have done something different?

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Jan. 23rd, 2014 11:29 pm (UTC)
THAT situation came about because i was in a stream with the customer and a ton of other people. he said he wanted me to draw something for him, and i complied, and asked for refs. he sent mostly art that was previously commissioned by him as references, but also sent along what i can only assume was possibly a real life screenshot of the character (if youre interested, it was the female bear character from the Cleveland show, a super minor entity who only shows up in a few episodes.) however, that reference wasnt linking properly, and because he never said anything about it in the stream, i didnt think it was a necessary piece of reference material.

none of his other uploaded fanworks had any markers that they were copyrighted characters, beyond the fact that they slightly resembled the Family Guy/American Dad/Cleveland Show kind of look. there werent any tags to hint that it was copyrighted either, and since i had never even seen the show (i dont have cable) i wasnt aware that a generic bear with a bobbed haircut was actually a copyrighted item.

long story short, he sent me references of mostly stuff he had already commissioned of this character, and the only actual show reference (i assume thats what it was) he sent didnt work. he didnt mention anywhere in the body of the commission that it was a copyrighted thing either, and i had no outside knowledge. i drew the character as asked, and only after the fact did he say "yeah that character isnt mine, it belongs to the Cleveland Show."
Jan. 24th, 2014 07:20 am (UTC)
Hm, well... generic bear with a bobbed haircut doesn't seem all too original. I wouldn't worry too much over it. If someone tries to come at you with legal action you didn't know it was their character is a plausible defense. I think that's the word I'm looking for...


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