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Trouble With a Customer

It's been a month or so since this event took place, but considering I was steamed up enough about it to completely remake my TOS, I would say I still need some advice with how to handle it.

I do adult commission work over on FurAffinity, and I am usually witness to repeat customers. One particular customer, who enjoys adult art of copyright characters, has really gotten on my nerves. They had me do a full digital commission while in stream, and did not mention in his description that the character was a copyright character (his links also weren't all working, so if he supplied a reference that was recognizable to me as a copyrighted character, I probably would have said something.) I didn't actually find out until AFTER I had done the work and posted it, and that sort of annoyed me. This is a minor problem that I simply shrugged it out on, but he got worse soon after.

Upon completion of a VERY adult artwork of a copyrighted character, I sent him the finished work, as well as a smaller resolution work for him to post to his account with linkage back to me. Because I wasn't comfortable with posting the image, I asked him nicely to post the smaller resolution work only, and to keep the large image for his own personal archives. He proceeded to throw what I can only compare to an adult temper tantrum, going so far as to say that I was "neutering" the work and that I was being unfair. He very much wanted to post the larger image, and insisted that other artists he had commissioned had let him post the large image. I told him that because I wasn't comfortable with the material in the commission (I had already gently told him before that copyright characters beyond Pokemon/Digimon/generic weren't my thing and there was a strong possibility that I would not be posting them to my gallery) and because it was my work, I requested that a smaller size be posted so that I wouldn't be seeing a big version of art that I wasn't comfortable being linked to me all over the internet (previous commissions I had done to him had ended up on "adult toon" sites in a matter of days.) He hasn't so much as talked to me since (we used to chat casually on Skype) and has not been a repeat customer.

I got so steamed about being treated in such a way after delivering a decent piece to him that I entirely rewrote my TOS to include a segment about dictating the size of art posted to galleries other than my own when I wasn't comfortable posting them myself. Looking back I am still upset about the situation, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Was my action correct? Should I have done something different?

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Jan. 23rd, 2014 04:52 am (UTC)
i agree completely with that notion.

however, the original size and the size i asked him to post was less than a 400 pixel difference. the art size i post is at least 900 x ___ in size, which is a nice gallery presentation. if the situation had been handled in a way that didnt feel like sheer bullying the artist to let them have their way, i would have actually been inclined to let this slide with him and let him post the larger version. as the words he said to me were incredibly hurtful and immature, i did not take this route.
Jan. 23rd, 2014 05:30 am (UTC)
Rather than make a request that really won't undo the damage, just for spite at what the commissioner did, I think a more productive way to deal with the problem is to let the guy post as he wishes, post a beware, and be done.

One thing I find odd is that you wish to be disassociated with the art, but at the same time you still want the guy to include a link back to your gallery...?
Jan. 23rd, 2014 05:56 am (UTC)
i guess the issue is that i need to be upfront with my comfort level. i should have told him before he even gave me any idea of what he wanted that the piece wasnt going to be in my gallery, and that there would be some restrictions to the art being posted online. that way if he had accepted with these parameters, he couldnt try to backtrack and say that i had never warned him of my TOS.

i handled the situation as well as i could at the time it occurred, and unfortunately there was no GOOD way to handle a volatile commissioner, since i had never had one before. i wasnt acting out of spite, i informed him as soon as i gave him the commission that i wasnt comfortable with the large size being posted and requested he post a smaller image, for my peace of mind. i should have worded that better in my previous comment, i did not tell him he couldnt post the original resolution AFTER he was rude to me, i told him and THEN he was rude to me, and i decided to stand firm on my original request due to this behavior.

i DID learn my lesson, and my TOS is updated because of this experience. i didnt think to make a Beware post here simply because he was gearing up to commission me for yet another piece after this one was done (he is a chronic commissioner type, who will commission you for 4-5 and even up to 10 pieces at a time) and i wanted to try to discuss with him my feelings about the image before we went any further. i wanted to have a dialogue with the commissioner in live time, rather than rolling over, letting him have his way, and then having this issue crop up again not even a week later, possibly in an even more aggressive format.

as for the link back, since i never sign any of my adult work, i ask for a simple link back to my adult gallery, since i live off of these commissions and need the traffic to help pay my rent.


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