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Beware: Frindle (Resolved)

Just an between the time I submitted this AB journal and the time this journal was actually posted, Frindle finished the second and final commission out of the blue. Still was dissatisfied with the way the commissions were handled so I want to mark it "Resolved," including a tag at the bottom if mods can do that.

WHO: FA user "Frindle"

WHERE: FurAffinity.

WHAT: Two full-body shaded commissions, both worth $45.

WHEN: On May 12, 2013, Frindle posted a journal advertising LiveStream commissions. I bought two because I thought her style was unique and she was offering a "buy one, get the second half off" sale. I was under the impression these would be done THE SAME DAY that I purchased them, hence her use of the word "Streaming" in the journal title. What resulted was a 6+ month long delay full of excuses, attempts at pity, and lack of responses. If it weren't for my numerous attempts to prod her, these commissions would be nowhere near finished.

PROOF: Well...where do I begin? I wasn't able to get everything but that'd drive me nuts if I got any more than I already have here.

May 12: Her initial journal post for "EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS."

May 12: The Paypal statement for the $45 commissions.

May 17-June 5: I sent her multiple notes since then asking when she'll work on the commissions. Here's numerous replies claiming "she'll work on my commission" soon.

June 5-June 29: Multiple journals during the month advertising additional commissions and whatnot. Clearly she has time for art except for mine.

NOTE: It is worth mentioning that at random times between June and September, I would pop into Frindle's Livestreams, asking politely when she'll work on the commissions. Unfortunately, I don't have screencaps of those (did I really think I'd need them in 5 months???).

July 16: I note her, asking for a refund. Here's her reply, putting off a refund for later since she doesn't have the money.

July 20: Push comes to shove and she needs give a lengthy explanation as to why she's unable to refund me. She claims she can still do my commissions though she never follows up on that.

July 24: I reply back to the tune of "you can either refund me or do the art, go ahead and do something soon." She promises some sketches in the next few days, but doesn't deliver.

Sometime in August: Unfortunately, I didn't get the timestamp on this picture so I'm guessing on the date. Frindle makes two journals feeling upset about all her outstanding commissions. I leave a comment trying to persuade her to work with me but not much comes from it.

Later in August: Again, no timestamp. Frindle makes another journal explaining her recent woes, along with my response to it.

Aug 27: Previously, she made a journal asking for commissioners to resend her the info for their commissions. Here's what I sent her that day.

Sept 16: Another heads-up journal in which she asks commissioners to resend their info. I already sent mine in August so I was still waiting patiently for her to get to mine.

Sept 16: She appears to get her act together and lists a bunch of commissions she'll attend to, mine included. Suffice to say I didn't get my commission that September.

Oct 3: She is going away on a trip for a month. I assume I won't be able to contact her for a month so I sit patiently (yet again).

Nov 6: A response to a note I sent her the day before, asking her when the commissions will be done. She finally offers to work on the commissions.

Nov 8: The first of the two commissions is completed. Turned out the way I like, it's a huge relief to me. During the stream, she only worked on one pic instead of two. I don't have proof of this but in (I think) the stream chat she promised to give me a free icon and another commission for 50% off, assuming I choose to commission her again.

Nov 20-Dec 1: Earlier, she gave me a hold of her Skype so we can discuss the second commission. She doesn't reply to my Skype messages on Nov 20 and 30. After replying, she addresses the comments I left in her journal and claims she is willing to work on my pictures in the next few days. Same run-of-the-mill stuff. - continuation of above conversation

Nov 30: The previous Skype conversation began because I had to make an ass of myself in a public journal asking her why she wouldn't reply to my notes. Later, she eventually removed these comments and started working on the sketch.

Dec 4: Got a WIP from her on Skype that I liked. Great, it's close to the design I wanted. It wouldn't go much further from here though.

Dec 5-Jan 7: More messages over the next month of me asking when she'll work on my picture which are met by responses with little to no improvement to the commission, despite the fact I threatened her with Artists Beware posts multiple times.

Jan 11: Frindle finished the second picture.

EXPLAIN: Though the two commissions are done, this has been a nightmarish six months of waiting for these commissions. They should've been done MUCH, MUCH SOONER and despite being polite with her the whole process, I've been ignored, lied to, and taken advantage of. So that's it, thanks for your understanding. :\
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