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Advice : Worth reopenning communications?

Way back in 2010, one of my friends needed a bit of help and was saying she was unsure if she should open up commissions. I told her if she did, I'd get some art off of her. (Unfortunately, half of those logs went missing). We smoothed out the final details, sent the money on its way, and I saw a half-inked WIP by the end of the month.

And then, nothing. We lost contact, despite having each other's contact information.

I waited, and waited, and was contacted in early 2012 by the artist, apologizing and saying she had meant to send it to me physically, but she never got my address. I didn't remember asking for that, but told her I would be back in touch with her in a while, since I was about to move and didn't know my exact address at the time. She agreed, and I emailed her after a bit when I finally had everything smoothed out and ready to go. Of course, I made it clear that I would be happy with scans if she had done it physically, or just a copy of the final image sent. No response.

I recently found her Tumblr, where she's been posting art and commissions done. A quick skim says that mine hasn't been touched on, even after all this time, though it could be due to it not being recent art.

What complicates this is that she's still friends with someone who used to be a mutual friend (Person C), but that ended in a ball of messy drama. Considering Person C is far more in touch with them, I'm not sure if it's worth going after my commission at this point.

AB, I need help. Money spent is money spent, but should I just keep as I've done and chalk it up as a loss and avoid the potential problems by talking to them again, or poke them again even though it's been another two years, and risk opening a can of worms?
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