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I may probably just be worried about nothing, but here goes. I'm keeping it vague to not offend the other party involved, but I'm kind of ... uneasy about he whole ordeal.

Quite recently I had a user comment on an icon I had submitted to my gallery, saying they would be interested in getting something similar as a commission when my slots opened again and also asking for help with animation. I told them commissions for that type of icon were open and gave them some advice on animating. They said thank you for the advice & linked tutorial, re-stated that they would be interested in an icon like that, so I again said that I had slots open for that type of icon and linked my commission-info this time. I thought all was fine and dandy.

However, this morning I got a note with a title giving me thanks for the inspiration and in the note they linked to a very similar-looking icon that they had made themself, stating that they are grateful I had provided the inspiration and that when they can get the money together, they'd be commissioning me.

The issue I'm having with this is that I did not give express permission for them to copy the icon, I merely linked some tutorials to help them with animating. The icon-description itself does link to my account with a "They are a great inspiration for my pixel-art", but they do not link to the exact submission and say they were inspired by it.

I know I can't copyright poses or icon-design and I have checked the pixel to see if any lines matched up, which is not the case. It's just a bit too close for comfort, really? Plus, it kind of gives off this vibe of "You were to expensive, so I copied it and made my own." I'm not quite sure how to respond as I don't want to cause drama or seem like I'm throwing a fit, but the entire situation has me quite baffled and I'm not quite sure how to respond to the note.
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