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Beware-- Kaitastic on dA

WHO: Kaitastic (formerly kai-tun) @ deviantART || Kaitastic @ Tumblr

WHERE: deviantART

WHAT: I commissioned this artist for a colored full-body piece of my OC. I also pre-paid for another colored full-body piece to be given as a prize in a contest that I had running at the time. Both art pieces totaled $17 USD each, for a total of $34 USD.

WHEN: Our transaction started on March 4th, 2012 when I expressed interest in doing business with Ms Kai.  By the next day, I had paid for both commissions separately. On May 7th, I sent her another note informing her of the winner of my contest, to which she did reply. I have not heard from her since.

Proof under the cut.

Here is a copy of our initial conversation-- (due to the formatting of dA notes, it is best if you read it bottom-to-top)

Here is a screencap of the note that I sent her regarding the contest winner and her reply--

I also sent her a message in December of 2012-

And commented on her page, over a year later. ( As you can see from this image, she has posted since then. )

EXPLAIN: After she replied to my note on May 7th, 2012, our communication stopped. I sent her a note on December 2nd, 2012 explaining that I was leaving deviantART and wanted to know the status of my commission. To my knowledge, this note was not even read. I sent her no less than three messages via Tumblr between Dec. 2012 and now politely asking the status of my commission. She has not responded to any of them. Finally, on December 4th, I posted a comment on her page. As you can see here, not only has another person asked about their commission, but she has uploaded at least one piece of artwork since I commented.

You may find a link to her commission journal here. A graphic of her prices is here. (The "WORKING ON NOW" beside my icon has been there for over a year.)

TLDR; Kaitastic is not fantastic at communication and has been ignoring my attempts at contacting her. There is also a chance that she is ignoring other clients as well. At this point, I would rather a refund than the actual artwork. It has been well over a year, I am no longer in that fandom, and I am extremely irritated with the whole ordeal.
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