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Beware- Hopeie, Chenayah Frahm

WHO: Hopeie, Hope, Chenayah Frahm

WHERE: Furaffinity -http://www.furaffinity.net/user/hopeie/

WHAT: Customer didn’t paid for custom plushie, that she ordered from me, after my work was finished and she saw a result.

WHEN: Plushie was finished at 13’th of November.

EXPLAIN: In beginning of august Hopeie wrote to me, asking to produce two custom plushies for her. Her fursona, and sona of her boyfriend. I didn’t have all materials to do the so I delayed the work, she agreed for it. I have one rule, i trust my clients so they pay when I finish the work, and client approve that the work was done as he wanted. In middle time client can make minor changes to project, to receive what he want. Hopeie ordered two of them, and later, by her personal matter, she changes her order for just one custom made plushie. – I didn’t forced her to cancel the order, and also I tell her, that it’s okay if she just resign. I understand, really, what she was feeling in that moment, but now… I’m not obsessed to retrieve my money here and now. I can wait even a six months, but I really want to know this. I hate people that lie. She write to me that she will pay after week. Now that passed more than twice of this time, and I didn’t see my money. Client still reading notes, but not answering them. Just ignoring me till I start to threat her with consequences of not paying me and pay no attention to my messages. I don’t believe that I get money back for the job, so I need to warn others to not giving her trust about commissions, cause it’s real danger to not getting your money for your work. So just stay away from this person, or tell to pre-pay for your work.

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