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When I write this out, it sounds like a no-brainer... but I guess I'm still going to ask for advice on it.

The very rough version of it is: I ordered a product from a very popular well-known artisan back in July. I got it October, but the product was heavily flawed. When I contacted them about it, they told me they'd send me a replacement. Somewhere between a near month gap in November and early December, they apparently shipped it but did not inform me nor provide a tracking number. I still don't have the replacement, so I've tried contacting them three times since then and have not gotten any responses.

This artist often urges people that they're working on it, they're busy, they have a lot to take care of. However, they have been making more products (including of the same one I ordered, but taking the time to paint it and such) and have been shipping it out to other people with no problem.

So...what's keeping me from making a beware post is that I do still want the item. I've bought from this artist before with no problem, and don't want to make it so there will be problems in the future. However, it does seem like something that more people need to be aware about when contacting this artist if they have any problems with the items they receive. I'm worried there will be a lot of retaliation from this, or they'll just issue a refund and call it good, which isn't the outcome I would like.
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