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Artists Beware: dirt-chomp / dust-bite

WHO: dirt-chomp / dust-bite


WHAT: One Full body, two chara -discounted- piece. Total of $50

WHEN: The piece was ordered on Jun 3rd, 2013 (7ish months ago). On August 21st, 2013, she posted a journal (via FA) mentioning time away due to family issues at home. Journal post here; That was her last journal on FA. But she has been active on both DA & Tumblr all the way through today.

PROOF: The only note(s) that were made; she posted a rough sketch of the piece, but that was all I ever received.
Noted on FA, no response.
Noted on DA no response;
Messaged on Tumblr, no response.

EXPLAIN: The art was never done/received =/
It has been about 7 months since I ordered it. I understood that things with life had come up, but from seeing both her DA & her tumblr, its obvious she is still online regularly. Even still doing others art/taking commissions regularly. I messaged approx 5 times trying to get any sort of response. Nothing.
I didn't want to post an A_B on her, as she is an awesome artist, but I am sad that she did this, and I don't want others getting put into the same situation.

***UPDATE: 1/4/2014
DirtChomp has replied via Tumblr with the finished work.
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