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Beware: Zgizgi/Mina

For clarification: I was under two aliases (Kari-Isis and Aikavo on FA) during this time; Zgizgi is her common/main alias she uses on both FA and Tumblr.

WHO: Zgizgi (Tumblr), Mina (FA)

WHERE: Contact began at FA but then switched to email.

WHAT: Colored sketch of two anthro characters ($20).

WHEN: January 2012 to December 2013.

PROOF: Her agreeing to my commission. (Proof
Transaction made. (Proof)

EXPLAIN: Someone I watched on FA made a journal promoting Mina. I guess she was a good friend and this person wanted to promote her work so she can get money to tend to an emergency. I looked at her gallery and saw how cute her work was and decided to send a note asking about it. From there the transaction was made and it was just a matter of waiting until it was done.

She made journals on FA regarding the commissions. (Proof) She mentioned her website http://zgizgi.webs.com in which the artist info looked like this when I checked last month. (Proof)

For personal reasons I sent her another note on FA requesting that we continue the business via email. She agreed and I was basically waiting on her.

She sent me an email apologizing that she didn’t get it done in time (I was hoping to get it before Valentine’s Day) and said she would get it done ASAP. I was very patient and allowed some leniency and then I get another email from her (I can’t remember if I sent her an email asking about progress though) in August saying she would have it done by the end of the month. The end of August passed and I honestly forgot about it. This was the first time I ever had a problem with an artist so I will admit to being at fault for being so lenient and not keeping track. I’ll definitely keep better tabs next time. (Proof)

I debated about contacting her again because I felt like it was a lost cause and I probably wouldn’t get the commission anyway. I then emailed her requesting the refund. (Proof)

I was concerned that she didn’t get the email so I checked out her website and noticed she had a Tumblr. I noticed it wasn’t very active and saw she had a personal account with some recent activity. I sent her a message on that Tumblr requesting to check her email and I finally got a hold of her in a few days. (Proof)

She said she would get me the refund. I made the mistake in saying $15 for the refund instead of $20 because I thought it was $15 (again, my fault for not keeping track). She then sent me an email saying she had some difficulty with Paypal. (Proof)

I sent her two emails and heard from her within a few days. I corrected the refund for her and she’s been updating me on the progress. (Proof)

After waiting some more, she confirmed that her bank account was working. (Proof) I received a refund so this has been resolved. (Proof) and (Proof)

Overall, both of us learned some things throughout the process and I am happy that this is resolved. I hesitated on making this beware post since I did receive a refund but I figure I’d post this as a learning experience. I definitely learned a few things from this and I hope she did too. That's all I can really say on this.
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