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Beware - Dogbone on IB

WHO: Dogbone / Rainbow


WHAT:Livestream Sketch commission for 35 bucks

WHEN: from beginning to mid october to current.  awaiting any further communication

PROOF: here's a ss of my payment to her on the 4th

Hey there everyone this is my first and hopefully only post I have to make here.  I commissioned Dogbone over on inkbunny back in the beginning / middle of october when she was doing some in stream sketch comms.  I've been boned over by artists in the past who've just taken my money and never delivered product so I figured a stream where I watch them make the art was a safe bet.  everything seemed fine.  I watched the stream and when the time came I watched her draw my character in a pin up feral pose and then I submitted my payment to her paypal.  afterwhich we exchanged thank you's and went our separate ways as I began to wait for her to send it to me in email / upload it to her gallery for viewing / downloading.  2 weeks passed and several of her submissions came and went and I never heard or saw anything about my picture.  So I sent her a note on IB. asking what was up.

There are three links.  I just went to the latest communication I had and compiled the screen shots together.

So at first it seemed as if everything was fine and that she just skipped over my image.  which is fine I've been on the fault end of forgetting something before no harm no foul.  However not hearing anything from her from the 22nd where she said she'd post it to then on the 4th saying she couldn't find it after I had to pretty much harass her to respond back to me I was a bit miffed but still understanding that mistakes happen and she was willing to refund me so though I didn't like how it played out at least I would be refunded and could move on from there.  After giving her my paypal info on the 4th I awaited seeing some notification in email or on paypal about the refund however it never came.  So I sent another quick note as a reminder and then received her response back at that time that she was in a financial strain and would refund me once she got some commissions back under her belt.  Again trying to be understanding I responded accordingly.

It has now been well over a month since the last time she even bothered to note me back and I've seen plenty of commissions flow through from live streams to ych's, over 50 submissions since my last hearing from her on the 9th of november, and though I've sent note after note she continues to ignore me.  I've been nothing but understanding in this and yet still have no commission or refund.

So I submit this warning here, it seems that she's doing work which is great for those who receive it but this is but a complain from the one whom seems to be getting tossed through the ringer.
Tags: artist-dog-bone/rainbowjokerhound/thexen, beware
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