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*RESOLVED* AB sketchyheart

RESOLVED!!! She gave me a refund Via Paypal :)

WHO: (Ashley Sanders) Sketchyheart on DA/FA

WHERE: Her Website: Her FA: Her DA:

WHAT: A full color, traditional picture of Kujaku Mai/Katsuya Jounouchi from yugioh.

WHEN: Start of commision: MFF 2011. Was payed in full ($35.00) at the convention. Didn't hear from her for 2 years; until I tracked her down.

PROOF: When I first found her/got ahold of her After that, I sent her more messages on tumblr; But, I don't know much about how to use it. So, I couldn't get the rest of the messages I sent to her on there. But, I got her email off on her tumblr, and I wrote her this
And, She wrote me back
So, I responded, and gave her my address (which is blurred out)
Well, I haven't heard from her since then. I did send her another more emails, seen here:
And then, this was the last one I sent to her. It stated that I would be reporting her to AB if this wasn't resolved soon. Which, sadly, is what it resulted to.

EXPLAIN: I paid in full to Ashley Sanders at MFF 2011. She had the rough sketch done, and, I was able to see it. But, she was unable to complete it by the end of the con (I had commissioned her on Sunday, so, It was understandable) So, I took her card and she took my info, so that we could get ahold of each other. Well, it was a little over 1 year. I hadn't heard from her. So, I dug out her business card, and I got ahold of her on tumblr. She replied to me once, but, after then, I had to result into sending her emails. But, after a couple replies to her, she stopped replying to the rest of them. By this time, I'd just like a refund. I feel bad for having to result to this. She seemed like a very nice person. But, this whole situation doesn't seem right.

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