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Insistent disappearing customer

More of an opinion post at the moment. Back in June/July I posted a suit for sale that was made quickly to cover a medical bill. Start was a very low $400 with a buy-it-now option of $600 plus the upgrade to a partial. I get a previous client offering to bid for a friend of hers who doesn't have an account and I go with it as she had been really good in the past. She does the BIN, ending the auction at an even $600.

Auction ends, the friend gets in contact with me and puts in a down payment. Month goes by and the payments trickled in at low increments of $35-$50. During this time I request measurements of their arms as well as a hard copy of a hand tracing so I can make the hands, arms, and tail with plans on having it done and to the buyer by Halloween.

The payments get to around $280 when I get an email roughly middle/end of August requesting an update on ho much they owe. I respond on September 3rd with the amount. Sept. rolls on by and Halloween is quickly approaching. I shoot them another email in October, a repeat of the September email plus an additional request for the measurements and hand tracing. This too goes unanswered. Halloween passes and I send them 3 more emails trying to get any contact, going off of the only email I know (as no FA/DA was known at the time), the third being my ultimatum email requesting he responds within 5 days or the auction sale is cancelled and all funds paid is refunded. 5 days breeze by and no response.

Early November now and about a week after the ultimatum email passed I decided to try my past client to see if she could get a hold of the buyer. Not long after I get an FA note from the buyer saying no emails were ever received and declined my offer to show screen shots. Told them about the emails I sent, the price still owed, and the ultimatum and how I feel I would rather refund them, asking for their current Paypal to do so. They insist they still want the suit and can pay at the beginning of December, saying there was a medical bill and a few other things. I point out that I still have not received the measurements, etc. and just want the suit gone, even offering to drop the partial pieces, bringing the price down to just $120 owed. That offer is declined.

It's now December 12, yet a month has passed again with no contact or payment. I'm to the point I just want this stupid thing gone or to tear it apart and make a whole new head. I don't know if they are avoiding due to not being able to pay, just super busy, or whatever, but we are going on 6 months with very little contact. Do I just send the $280 paid and do whatever? Or should I push a bit more? Nice guy, has been polite during it all and I understand the struggles that bills can be, but even just a "hey, I'm alive, I'm a little tight right now" would even do for me, but just leaving me hanging this long is starting to get on my nerves.
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