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Question about payment.

I hope this hasn't been asked anytime earlier recently, but here goes:

I didn't ask for the money to be paid upfront for a $60 commission (I know, stupid!), and now I'm wondering how long it is acceptable to wait for her to pay me before releasing her name to this community.

During the process of doing the pic, she kept in constant contact with me. The original pic was done on March 10 (I sent a high-res scan), and since then she's only emailed me once on March 13 saying that she would email me soon again and that her dad has taken over her computer. I've sent her three emails already, on March 13, 18, and 31. The last two were concerning the payment and asking her to please keep in touch.

Is there any way to make someone pay up? :/ Any advice on this would be very helpful, thanks.

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