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Beware: Lil-Maj

WHO: Lil-Maj

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: They won two of my YCHs and did not pay for them nor answered any of my notes.

WHEN: November 7th 2013

PROOF: YCH one and YCH two (the links are nsfw) Screencapped the bids just in case they are hidden . Proof of the notes I sent are Here and Here and you can see they didn't even bother to look at the next one.

EXPLAIN: I held those two YCHs and they won both of them, in my rules I state you have to pay within 24 hours of winning but they did not pay for either of them and I gave them to the runner up winner. Someone told me they were sick at the time and probably wasn't feeling well enough to check their messages so I was a bit sympathetic until I found them bidding on other people's YCHs, I have no idea if they won those and if they paid for them but that's not my business.

It just irked me that if they had the time to bid on other auctions then they had the time to reply and or pay me. Many months back they actually did pay for the YCHs they won from me but now since they did this twice and they never did answer me back and now I don't feel comfortable allowing them to bid on any more of my auctions from now on.

EDIT 12/07/13 :

So I logged into my account today and I got a PM, I opened it and well, read for yourselves

the name has been censored but it was just an account made to harass me but I still blocked out the name anyway. Just more proof that I wouldn't want to deal with this person ever again.

EDIT 12/09/13 :

Maj created a new account to send me this pm

In the beginning I felt happy that they were standing up and doing the adult thing to apologize, I did get a little irked by them saying that I "lost" a donator but I said that I was going to edit this AB post to say that things were settled. However I logged into FA before coming here and by reading this new comment which is some of the same things said in the note but this time with more added comment trying to guilt trip me and make me feel like I did something wrong I will not edit this post. It still stands that I will never work with them again and would like to show people that this is the attitude you get that if you do work with them and the problems you may encounter if there is a problem.

EDIT 12/13/13 :

Hopefully this will be my final edit because I feel that by now everything else that is being said are just attempts to try and find something to pick on me about just because I made this post.

Back in July 22 I held a YCH with an AB of $50. Maj bid the $50 and won it. I also held another one for an AB of $90 and Maj also AB'd and won that one. Both paid for the same day | (extra screencap). The one for $90 was finished as seen here (nsfw) (proof of file date). But as seen on the pms below, I never did the one for $50 because Maj told me to give them some time to think about which character they wanted me to draw for it.

Of course that was no problem so I waited, but on the 2nd PM (the one for the $90 YCH) I reminded them to tell me what they wanted me to draw, they answered to give them some time. 5 months passed by with no word still on what they wanted so the issue was brought up now that I never gave them a finished piece. Which no I didn't because they never told me what they wanted me to draw, and that I blocked them. But that is a non issue because I gave them back that $50 today | (extra screencap).
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