Princess ♔ (princessharumi) wrote in artists_beware,
Princess ♔

Beware: Chocho

WHO: Chocho

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHEN: November 27th 2013

WHAT: A YCH I held in which Chocho won and did not pay for it.

PROOF: Here is a link to the original YCH (nsfw). Just in case they decide to hide their bids here is a screencap Here are caps of the notes I sent and received. One, Two, they didn't answer me back after that.

EXPLAIN: I held a YCH on Nov. 27th which ended on Nov. 28th. Choco AB'd the auction at $60. I sent them a PM with my Paypal info and they replied with an ok. In my rules I say that you must pay within 24 hrs, it's been over that now and they still haven't paid. I also sent them a PM to tell them they haven't paid yet which they did read and ignored.
Tags: beware, comm-chocho
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