teekchan (teekchan) wrote in artists_beware,

Trade Issues

I did an art trade with a user a while back, everything went a-okay. Both parts are completed. I check FA today and see a 'Prepose' flat rate sale and see something wrong.

It was the trade they did for me.

When I did the trade, they showed me two sketches to pick from, I chose sketch A. The user is now selling off BOTH sketches, including the one I chose, as prepose commissions. They said it was okay because they are not using my character. I told them I felt ripped off, because I expected an original piece, and provided one, and now there will be mass copies made of mine (multiple people can purchase the sketches).

They haven't replied yet, but I'm wondering if it's okay for them to do this because it's a trade, or if I'm right to be upset and feel ripped off?
And if the latter, should I pose a beware?
Tags: trade

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