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WHO: Cocoffe / Hetaloid

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: An auction for an animated gif that I had won. The auction closed at $20 but I tipped because I felt $20 was a low price, even if it was for a gif that was mostly finished.

WHEN: April 21st, 2013

PROOF: I don't have proof of the original submission where I won the auction as she deleted it immediately after it closed, but I have a list of all transaction between us.

Paypal Proof:

Conversations: (I highlighted things -I had said- in some instances because she used the quote function in a way that could be confusing.)

EXPLAIN: When I won the auction from Cocoffe, I was promised to have the finished product within two weeks. I occasionally would poke her about it but I was always met with apologies and promises of "soon". I didn't mind waiting, I was excited to get the artwork I paid for and made sure she knew I didn't mind as long as she kept me updated. About four months ago, I went to her FA to notice that there has been no activity at all...I was confused but waited to see and eventually in October sent off a note asking if she would give me a status update. I waited, and when I checked to see if she had even read it about a week ago, I realized she hadn't because she probably hasn't been on FA. I had no idea where else to find her because she left no links to any main accounts or places where she could be found elsewhere except a dead tumblr. I went ahead and searched her email address (the one I sent payment too) and came across the user Hetaloid on Deviantart selling adoptable characters and using that email in the comments. I wasn't sure it was her at first but then I saw her pony OC and that the user was from Agentina. Great! I found her! Maybe she will be able to give me a status update. I was miffed that she would up and disappear without a word, especially since her DA account was very active, but I left a very non aggressive comment on her page:

I intentionally made sure not to state that I was owed anything but that I just wanted some contact. While it's only been about 5 days, I know you may think I'm jumping the gun on posting this, but the sad fact is that she is still favoriting things and commenting on people's pages after I posted the comment, which to me gives a big signal that she has no intention of working with me to get things settled. I totally understand being in school or real life getting in the way! But when I'm ignored constantly, I feel like this person has no respect for me. It may be only $25 but that amount can go a long way in terms groceries and such! I don't really have the funds to commission people often, so when I can afford the luxury I at least hope to get what I paid for!

I already sent her a note asking for the refund; I just don't want the auction gif anymore because I don't feel like I will ever get it if I give her the okay to continue it.

EDIT: Apparently Cocoffe posted the finished gif after I made this entry. A commenter alerted me that it was uploaded but she didn't actually contact me in any way to let me know it was finished. I also asked for a refund at this point, but I guess it can be counted as resolved since I did get the art.
Tags: artist-cocoffe/hetaloid, beware, resolved

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