Katts K. and T. Lux (aerospiritual) wrote in artists_beware,
Katts K. and T. Lux

WHO: Nathradas

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: Full color single character piece, no background.

This is a follow up posting to my previous entry seen here:

As of my writing this, I have yet to receive any sort of refund and have had hardly any communication from Nathradas in regards to the owed refund. It is only because this artist is continuing to take commissions via Flight Rising and is blatantly ignoring correspondence, that I felt the need to submit an update.

The complete collection of our e-mail correspondence from June to November.
Nathradas stating that commissions are on hold due to the state of her health and other life issues.
Starting up a donation drive in order to pay for her life expenses, I highly doubt that any of this will be going towards those of us who are still awaiting a refund.
Nathradas opens up for commissions on Flight Rising[original thread here], despite owing people both artwork and refunds.

I have been pursuing this for well over a year now and have been met with constant excuses and/or silence from Nathradas' end. She has stated that she cannot send out commission files due to complications, is without internet, and that she cannot work on commissions, while still posting to FA, uploading and working upon donation drive pieces[NSFW], and now she is taking commissions for in-game items on Flight Rising on top of being fairly active on the site during a good portion of the time she has claimed to be without internet access, and has been creating and uploading FR themed works.

At this point, I'm starting to wonder if I will ever see my refund and I honestly feel as though I, as well as others, have been given a complete runaround by this artist.

[edit 05/15/2014]
Nathradas has disabled her userpage on both dA and FA. I can now only assume that she has absolutely no intention of paying myself or anyone else back the money they are owed.
Tags: artist-nathradas/crowfangs, beware

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