Delicious Waffles (mottenfest) wrote in artists_beware,
Delicious Waffles

Ezra Starscale

WHO: Ezra Starscale


WHAT: 2 Quickie Full Body Rust Artist Commissions $10 each

WHEN: February 20th 2013

-Here's a screenshot of the Rust Artist journal.
-This is a link to it on their FA.
-Confirmation of my order.
-I requested a refund on August 8th via email, this is the entire conversation.
-This journal was posted to FA acknowledging that folks was refunds, but she doesn't have the money to refund us. Not wanting to pester her, I just sat back and waited for her to get back to me. When I saw her post a journal about attending a NIN concert, I left another comment inquiring about my refund. She has not responded to that comment, or at all since her email August 8th 2013.

EXPLAIN: While I understand her life has been hectic, I have my own things to take care of, and the lack of communication isn't very comforting. :/ I'd really just like a prompt refund.

EDIT 12/23/13: Received a full refund. Issue is resolved.
Tags: artist-ezrastarscale, beware

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