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Around August end; 18/19/20th, I accepted a trade with the FA user Ryoa. We had swapped characters, both accepted and agreed on swapping flat color full bodies. I completed my half a few days later and waited for theirs. I left a shout along the lines of 'Can you draw him? LINK, What would you like me to draw?' I have no proof of this shout as Ryoa's shouts cut off.

Furthest back my shouts go;

My half finished;

Sept. 14th I ask for an update; and receive an update;

I waited again, with nothing from the artist. No updates to their FA. I asked for updates again on the 11th and 17th, again with no response. I sent them an ask on tumblr as they had been active there once I tracked it down.

I had gotten a response later on. Ryoa claimed they had never received my character info. They claimed I had never linked my ref, and explained they lied about starting my half. I link the ref again, and they finally admit they cannot see it as it is rated mature. I resend SFW & non FA links with bits cropped out. I also tell them lying is bad and they should have just stated they couldn't see the ref. Their replies and finished artwork. My replies.

I receive this image;
It is so blurry I cannot even make out half the details and it is not what re agreed upon. The character is wrong, color and design wise.
The ears are on the wrong side, the hoodie is the wrong style and color. My characters colors are wrong as well. The hair is also wrong, even counting stylistic differences. I linked 3 ref images, one drawn by myself included. It seems Ryoa had just clocked the first link and hastily drawn based on that one, which, I guess is my own fault but that does not excuse the blurriness, incorrect colors and wrong type of artwork.

They have no wiped their FA page of info and all artworks are now gone.

Edit; People have brought up their age, of 14. I was not aware of this when we had agreed to the trade, as it was not stated on the FA profile, where the transaction took place. I assumed they was of age because they stated on the profile they were a graphic design and engineering student. They also state this on their dA profile as well. They age may be their fursonas age.

Edit #2; I have contacted them many times on Tumblr, all of which they have ignored. They only responded to my original tumblr ask which is posted above. I have asked multiple times for them to get in touch, and if they could rescan the image they drew. They are active. I have 'asked' via a tumblr so they can respond as well, and they have not. They also have a new spam of shouts from a friend on their FA profile, unsure if this is to push mine off or not.

Edit #3
Today I have finally received my half.
I posted a journal publicly (with no names) and they finally contacted me, and I gave them a hard deadline for the image to be fixed. They told me they could rescan it but then latter said they couldn't, so they redrew it.

On the 18th they told me they sent me the image via tumblr, which I never got, and I replied that. They did reply with it on the 21st.
The image had the feet wrong which I asked them to fix in my reply that day. I had to hunt them down on tumblr to get a response. I got the edits just now on the 31st.

All in all Im happy to finally get my half, but the fact that I literally had to hunt them down, and all the lies put a bad taste in my mouth.

This can be marked as resolved.
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