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Artist- Jaibo/Damin

Who: Flight Rising user Jaibo/Damin


What: Two digital busts of my characters Sleet and Nightsky

When: October 25, 2013


Unfortunately, they deleted their responses to me on my thread. (Payment)

On Flight Rising, I have a thread on the Art Sales board that I made so that I could commission artists specifically for furry artwork instead of going through threads myself. It got a fair amount of attention from people that didn’t have their own threads.

On the 25th I was contacted by the user Damin on the thread. They provided examples of busts I liked and he offered a deal of two for 100k treasure (the site’s currency) instead of 75k each.

I paid and continued on with buying artwork from other artists. On November the 5th I remembered that I had commissioned them and went back to my thread to find their posts had been deleted! I was a little suspicious but knew I had their username in my sent messages folder and found them under the name Jaibo instead.

I noticed that their recent posts section had been cleared out and I sent them a message.

Their response:

I was fine with this as I still was in contact and had their new username on record, even though I would have preferred to be told that they had changed it.

I asked if they have somewhere else I can watch them on here and never received a response.

On the 18th I sent this

Asking about the status of my commission and didn’t get a response.

On Flight Rising you can tell if a user is active by whether their dragons are fed, which they are. I also noticed that they have recently gotten achievements for hatching eggs and completing an achievement in the coliseum.

(American dates)

I posted a public message asking about the status of my commission and left it be. I was definitely suspicious at this point as they were definitely online, just ignoring me.

I came back today to see the public message was deleted and was extremely upset.

Because I realised I wasn’t going to get any joy from them about status I was about to ask for a refund or have to take the transaction here, when I realised I was blocked.

I’ve written off the 100k. I have nowhere else to contact them and because I’m blocked I have to. I know the FR admins won’t do anything about it, as they’ve said so before. I’d just like people to know what’s happened and not to trust this person. I would have liked to get my art, though. I’m just glad this wasn’t real world currency and feel like I’ve dodged a blow.
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