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WHO: d1sease on Fa

WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/d1sease

WHAT: Two full color bust pieces.

WHEN: October 14th 2013

Literally EVERY private message we've shared from start to finish.

1: http://i.imgur.com/tFa0Kblh.png
(requesting the commission, seeing if everything was peachy I was really excited! Their art was really good!!!)

2: http://i.imgur.com/WsgVkJQh.png
(accepting the commission, and a response to a comment I made that i probably wouldnt have a reference for the other character for a little while. They were fine with that)

3: http://i.imgur.com/v53x7fih.png
(my stating that payment was sent, and a general question about one of the characters)

4: http://i.imgur.com/N0IJAIah.png
(their stating the piece would be completed that night)

5: http://i.imgur.com/3dZCJ5hh.png
(its been 4 days since they said the first piece would be done, I really wasnt worried at this time)

6: http://i.imgur.com/eyP6Rbjh.png
(a little over a week after stating the piece should be done, I was told the file of my piece was "corrupted" but I was provided a rough sketch of the character found here http://i.imgur.com/UCY4a6V.jpg)

7: http://i.imgur.com/uosKZ3bh.png
(and now, just over a month later I came onto FA to find this GEM)

What did he/she do?
- I commissioned d1sease a month back for some digital art pieces. I had the expectation it would be done within the next few weeks as per their journal (which has since been deleted sadly) Communication at first was hasty and well met, but once a few weeks passed and my private messages asking for updates they have since deleted their account.

I commissioned two bust badges to be worn at conventions of some of my characters. All I recieved out of it was a half-assed attempt at a sketch and some excuses as to why nothing had been done.

after not being able to be on the computer for a while I finally was able to go online and check in with the artists ive since commissioned just to find their page DELETED. And now I have no way of communication. Im trying thier paypal email address but.. man.. this really sucks.

What did then happen?
- Ive filed a dispute with paypal (fingers crossed) and reached out to the email address they used on paypal.. At this point I can see this is a scam and Id really just like my money back.

EDIT(11/17/2013): found her on DA after a little searching this evening. Im 100% positive its her as the art, name, and art are ALL exactly the same from FA, and theres a name "synnie" which corresponds to her Paypal email address.. also note the name in white glitch writing on the left side of the screen.. hmm.. D1sease?

after scrolling the page I found her queue where my name isnt listed..

So I shot her a message on DA.. now we wait...

EDIT(11/18/2013): I was just notified ON FA by D1sease

(she stated she had sent me a "few" Wip's and since I never said to proceed she didnt work on my commission. Never had I asked to be sent approval sketches, nor was it relayed in a message that i had to approve anything. Naturally I thought this was just a WORK IN PROGRESS picture sent to me just to see where the commission was going)

So I responded http://i.imgur.com/GF5vmO6h.png

(basically I stated that after ONE wip sent to me 3 weeks ago with no note about approval i just assumed it would have been completed. ESPECIALLY since she said the piece was actually supposed to be completed one month ago today.)

we'll see where this goes now.

Received two notes on FA one of which stated a refund was issued. Confirmed paypal dispute has been closed. Im honestly sad that it had to come to this. D1sease's art is really REALLY good and I would have loved to gone through with the commission. But when you come back a month later with nothing to show for, and no means of communication (except lurking the internet in hopes of finding a secondary account)I felt my trust was violated. I've been scammed COUNTLESS times and I really dont take lightly to it anymore.
Tags: artist-d1sease, beware, resolved

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