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Beware: Leelee (RESOLVED)

WHO: LeeLee Moreau, aka LeeLee
WHAT: I ordered a 29 dollar physical badge back in July. It was supposed to be Robot Themed with light up LED eyes.

A confirmation of my order being received can be seen here:

WHEN: The payment was made on July 26th, 2013, and was confirmed received by the artist on August 8th, 2013.

PROOF: After waiting several months of waiting, I noticed that she was finally beginning to deliver badges, but only to those attending a con she was going to:

Afterwards, she opens up a preorder queue for yet MORE badges:
A bit confused, I decided to e-mail her; I had PMed her on the website prior, but noticed afterwards that she preferred e-mail correspondence.

I received no response.
Five days later, I threatened action with a potential Artist Beware post, only then was I paid any attention:

Since then, she had then provided the DIGITAL art of my PHYSICAL badge (which I stated I no longer wanted) as well as a “free” icon, and one more piece of “gift” art, instead of issuing me my refund.
She states in the above image that she warns potential buyers about waiting to pay until after her work is completed, to avoid situations like my current one. Note she did not provide me with any document or post stating such a policy, rather, she instead stated that it was “mentioned in some/most of her journals.” If such a policy were in play, I think it’d only be fair for her to have refunded my money when I made my initial purchase, or to at least warn me when she accepted my order so I’d have known before paying. She also mentions that she “did not have a public queue” when many of her journals in fact HAVE queues for her current orders (I believe she since edited one of her four month old journals and has marked my order as “Paid and SHIPPPED” when I have received no such thing; making the edit rather blatant.)

I’ve also been given sob story after sob story about “all of her money being spent on rent” and that she’s not “buying any computers.” I don’t believe I ever accused her of blowing money on a new PC; just not refunding my own money.
As of now, I have asked for my refund yet again; this time however, with a bit of leeway. Three payments of ten dollars split up over three weeks. I think I am being more than generous, but I have not received any further correspondence since sending this e-mail.

I am used to waiting for commissions for a good deal of time, but I believe asking for a simple WIP after all of this time, even if it’s just a sketch, is common courtesy to a consumer. LeeLee not only flat out ignored my first, kind request, but did not message me again, since the 11th mind you, with any update on the refund I believe I am more than entitled to, until I threatened her with a potential Artist Beware notice. Not only was my initial desire for a refund refused with the argument of “I already have the art done” but I am given the excuse that I need to wait an additional three months for shipping of “supplies” from China? And after that, sob stories about how she cannot afford to pay a thirty dollar refund. Case in point, I paid for a badge I did not ever end up receiving, and all I want at this point is my money back.

UPDATE 11/19/13:
It has been three days since LeeLee has last messaged me. As of today, I have made her aware of this A_B notice against her. I am still giving her the opportunity to pay my refund in installments but to no avail as of yet.

LeeLee is still very much active on FA as well. I am being flat out ignored:

UPDATE 11/19/13:
My refund has been issued; everything has been resolved.
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