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Beware: DustyTheMare

WHO: FurAffinity user ‘DustyTheMare’ (has since then disabled her user page and notes, making it impossible to contact her)

WHERE: FurAffinity

WHAT: A $25 digital full-body colored commission of two characters (a horse and its rider).

WHEN: It began June 14th, 2013, when I noted the artist and agreed to pay for it that day. Sent follow-up notes in July, August, September, and November, only to be declined each time with no sign of forward progress on the commission.

PROOF: June 14: I note Dusty about the commission for the first time. The initial series of notes went well. She agreed to draw the horse and rider for $25 to which I obliged. She also agreed to start as soon as she received payment.

July 8: I receive no feedback from her for 3 weeks. I sent her a follow-up note asking her when she’ll begin. She says she’ll begin once her laptop and Paint Tool Sai is fixed.

August 22: I send her a second follow-up note asking about the commission. She cites a journal she posted a while ago (that I unfortunately missed due to having 600+ watches) stating that her laptop and tablet are still broken. She offers a traditional commission instead but preferring the digital commission instead, I choose to be patient even longer so that her stuff can be fixed.

September 23: Losing patience, I send a third follow-up note, asking about her laptop/tablet situation and for a possible refund. She denies being able to refund or get her laptop/tablet back soon, again offering a traditional commission that I do not want and asking that I be patient.

November 7: Here I go with the fourth follow-up note, hoping to get somewhere with the commission. A volley of notes ensue. First, someone by the name of ‘Mystic’ replies, describing Dusty as lazy and irresponsible. I reply with a rather stark message to this Mystic person, telling her that I’m losing my patience and threatening an Artists Beware post about Dusty due to given the run-around by many artists like this before. Next, Dusty herself replies admitting guilt but not changing her tune whatsoever--no laptop, no refund, please bear with me, etc. I tone down my frustration, decline the traditional commission, and ask for the refund, to which she says she can’t due to unemployment.

November 10-ish: Feeling I overstepped my bounds a little, I wait a few days to reply to her last note, giving her an ultimatum of one week to draw or refund the commission. Unfortunately, in the meantime she has both disabled her FA page AND notes, making it supremely difficult to get in touch with her. She has also deleted any journals pertaining to her laptop woes before I could screencap them.

EXPLAIN: TLDR: I bought a commission from Dusty. She said she can work on it as soon as she received payment. Yet for five months, she has either given me no feedback or deflected blame by claiming her laptop is broken and that she has no money for refunds. After grilling her, she disappears from FA with no way for me to contact her and no WIPs to show for it.

As of November 15th, I don’t know what to do besides report her to Artists Beware. I’m disappointed by how confident she seemed from the original conversation (“I’ll begin once I receive payment”) but now…I don’t know what to say. At least I get some solace out of posting this. Thanks for your time.
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