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May as well add my two bits.. :D

Dave Kesler...

Comes off as a really nice guy. Too nice really..
He acts like a cautious buyer.. and tries to ask that he pay half.. or all -only after- the image is completed.
He also was trying to become too friendly. Not sexually, but had been trying to get me to log in and chat via messenger.
My guess was he wanted an easy way for me to send scans over to him.. ¬.¬

I don't work that way. I dont correspond to business through messengers, and Pay me up front, or don't commission me. Simple enough.

So anyway... I begin work, but I do not show him any scans. I tell him he must show some sort of proof that he is going to pay me FIRST.
Weeellllllllll after the email to ask for payment, he replies that he'll get payment sent out as soon as he can, and that was the LAST I ever heard of him. Now I have a roughed image I still have yet to completely alter to make my own.
I put a post on furbid about him, and it turns out he's done this to more than just one person.

He's not a "cautious buyer", he's a scam artist that wants to trick you into giving him free scans of your hard work, then just dissappear without paying you.

Once I saw it as hopeless I gave him a rather nasty email to let him know I wasnt amused.

sooooo.. yah. ^_^; That's all..
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Sep. 1st, 2003 07:59 am (UTC)
Ew, Assinio (Kevin Duane) -will- try and get sexually-friendly with you, ugh, disgusting little pig.

Good for you for not sending him a scan, I'd demand at least half up front first!
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