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No contact: Inkwell

First time making a post, hopefully the coding works.

WHO: Inkwell on Flight Rising

WHERE: On their Flight Rising art thread.

WHAT: A “unicorgi” character design, of a precolored template. It cost fifteen thousand in-game “treasure”, the site’s currency.

WHEN: I posted on their thread on July 31st, finalized things then, and sent them payment on the first of August this year. I have heard absolutely nothing from them since, even though they’ve been online and active on the site until recently, when they seemingly abandoned their account.

Due to the way Flight Rising formats messages, Inkwell’s icon is on the message even though I was the one who sent them. [payment sent] [forgot about it for a while, then sent them a contact note because I had heard nothing since the payment] [my posts on their userpage which have gone with no response] [cap of their user page showing their most recent visible account activity as the tenth of October; this is after I sent the first contact note] [their lair, with all their dragons’ health completely run out]

Most of my explanation is up in the screencaps. I totally admit that I should have contacted them sooner, but I was traveling and extremely busy through pretty much all of August and September and it skipped my mind until late September, when I sent them the note in the second cap.

This is kind of a mixed lost contact/beware, because I really just want either a refund or an ETA on the design. I’d prefer a refund, though. :c There are a couple comments on their userpage from someone else who appears to have lost contact with them as well over their dragon hatchery. I don’t know any other accounts they may have and have no way of getting into contact with them besides FR.

Unfortunately, I don't have any recourse here, since the site's admins will not enforce art commissions through their site. I knew this at the time but didn't expect any problems.
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