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[Looking for advice] Selling music/rights of use?

This is my first time doing something like this, so I'm a bit nervous, haha. I'm currently in talks with someone on YouTube over providing them with music for their videos and I'm going to be getting paid for my work. I've never sold music before, so I'm trying to work out how best to benefit from the arrangement and how to protect myself, profit and rights wise.

This is what we're currently negotiating;

  • Payment is a one-off song-by-song basis, with full rights for use and editing transferred to the client, with the agreement that I receive credit for my work and the client receives sole profit from their ad revenue (agreed on)

  • However, if the client wanted to sell the songs in a soundtrack bundle, the profit would be split between the two of us (just suggested this; waiting to hear back from the client)

I'm also going to ask them to sign a contract, once we've agreed on everything and keeping a few physical and online copies of it, just to cover my ass, so to speak.

Is there anything else I need to do to cover myself and best protect my assess or am I doing okay?
Tags: advice for artists, contracts, copyright
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