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Beware: Spides (resolved)

(this is my first time making a post so sorry if its wrong)

Edit: I got my money back, but sadly there are still people that have been waiting for their commission for 2 months, which is one of my friends. I really wouldn't recommend commissioning them in the future since they act so poorely when it comes to being proffessional with handling commissions...

WHO: Spides

Where: (they have moved from this blog, I am not giving out their new one since it's a personal one.)

What: A digital bust of one of my characters

When: I sent the payment on September 20th 2013.


here are the notes between us
here is the payment


I commissioned him on the 20th of september to help him with college. I felt like I was doing a good deed to help him. A month later, I still do not see my commission so I send him a note, he replies with this Yes, me and my friend (which was above me on the list) was having some trouble with our friendship but that does not excuse my commission since I paid for my own of my own character, he could of easily put theirs on hold and did mine so I didn't have to wait for 2 months just to recieve it. He then made a post on his tumblr saying this that was on the 20th of october. It has been 12 days now and still no sign of my commission.

Today I sent him a new note, asking for a refund. He has yet to open the note, but I know he is online right now since he is posting on his tumblr.

he has been posting his own personal art through out this month, and has not even shown me wips of the bust commission I paid for.
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