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BEWARE: splatfennec/smokeytail

WHO: splat_fennec/smokeytail


WHAT: Fursuit & Partial Fursuit

WHEN: End of January to now.


Near the End of January my fiancee and I made 2 payments to smokeytail for a fursuit and a partial via paypal: . During this time we had constant contact with her: . She gave us frequent updates on the progress of the partial which was being made first: . After great updates, and awesome communication,and it was all ready to send, she shipped the partial (head, paws, feet, tail, arms.) out. When it arrived it looked okay in the box. However after taking it out it was a whole other story. There were construction problems that required the suit be sent back for repairs/edits. We knew she was new to suit making so we were patient and gave her constructive criticism.

However upon returning it things started to go down hill. Her communication started to lack, and were few and far between: . While these notes were pending she took time to reply to shouts, favorite things, and submit things on her new account, such as journals and meetings. . I sent her several notes asking for updates on the matter, that it was all we wanted were updates and communication and she would say she'd give me updates the following day or week and the day or week would pass with no updates, and no answer to any responding notes. This started to make us uneasy and sent out red flags.

Since she was new, we did not know what to expect, and wanted to give her the benifit of the doubt, especially since she was great before she sent the partial. Her lack of communication and pretty much moving to her new suit account made us even more concerned about ever seeing our commissions or refunds if we asked. The work and progress slowed to none, not even other commissioners were getting answers or updates. Months passed and we saw no updates or progress on our suits. We know suit making takes time and we are very patient people, but without communication, and seeing other shouts from different costumers wondering the same things we are, our patience was wearing thin. It had been 5 months since the last update when we decided to negotiate a refund we told her she would not have to redo my suit head or to even give us a refund of it, just to send back my paws and keep updating on my fiancee's suit. After no updates were made on that we decided a partial refund would be fine, she responded to this, and it was decided we'd get a partial refund along with the suit materials so we could commission someone else as well as the new shoes we sent her and the duct tape dummy.

EXPLAIN: We commissioned this person, and although she was a pleasure to work with in the beginning, it is just frustrating and she is very unprofessional. Lack of communication, and her ignoring our notes and emails is stressful. I've asked her for a refund which holds the same result as my updates. She says she'll give me them and make the plans and everything but then she just goes quiet after the plans are made and no results are seen. There isn't much further actions I can take right now aside from a lawyer if she doesn't get in gear. We have contacted paypal, but there was not much they could do, besides email her to send us what we are owed or freeze her paypal. We have seen nothing from her yet, despite her promises over and over. She continues to avoid responding. We've been very understanding up to this point but now all we want is our money back.

UPDATE: NOV 2: Received the first half of our refund the other day and were told the other half was being put together. Have not received an update on that since. We've been hearing the next day or next week and stuff for the past few months yeah.

DEC 1: Still no update for the second half of our refund, received word that she's active almost everywhere now but seems to be ignoring her responsibilities.
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