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Beware: Phaet/Heml0cke/Orange.Pekoe/Momo

WHO: Phaet/Heml0cke/Orange.Pekoe/Momo

WHERE: (most all links have NSFW content) (Where I ordered my commission) (New account) (current FA)
Inactive FA accounts:
There could be more, but those are the ones I've seen.

WHAT: a $20 flat colour picture of my character Aero dressed as the character Draculaura

WHEN: I contacted her the 27th of April 2013 after she had emergency rent commissions. She was paid on the 28th. I still have not received my artwork.

PROOF: I have links to journals and to screen shots in case she deletes anything. Inkbunny has fuzzy dates, but I did the best I could at making as exact dates as possible.

Screen shots and journal linksCollapse )

Edit 2/22/2014: Last night the artist sent me my image. I was pleasantly surprised to see it and it is very lovely! It seems she's posted a couple more commissions as well. I hope it's a trend in her improving her workload and getting things to others that have posted about her as well. It can be marked as resolved in my case, thankfully. here's the finished work.
Tags: artist-phaet/heml0cke/orange.pekoe, resolved

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